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CELA 2021 Annual Conference

Posters will be available for viewing on March 17th and will be available to view through May 10th.

21st Century Best Management Practices: Evaluating the variables and stackability of BMPs for increased water quality, ecological benefits, and aesthetic design considerations

Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Urban Green Infrastructure

Developing Best Management Practices For Trial Spurs Along The North Country trail In North Dakota with GIS Data

Design with Fog: Place-based research-embedded participatory design in a Lima informal community

A city of contradictions: Critiquing neoliberal planning using a photographic essay.

Analyzing the transformation of Pre and Post-Urban Wetland Areas in Purbachal New Town, Bangladesh

Developing a Revitalization Planning and Design Guideline for Enhancing Land Use Performance of a Shrinking City 

Environmental Racism and Participatory Equity of Environmental Risks and Benefits in Alabama Counties: Analyzing Racial Equity in the Distribution of Protected Areas and Toxic Releases

Firesafe: Designing Fire-Resilient Communities in the American West

Green play infrastructure: [Re]Connecting children with nature in underserved urban neighborhoods

Investigating the barriers to effective implementation of phytoremediating plants in bioretention systems.

Introducing Conceptual Parametric Modeling as Design Visualization in Landscape Architecture

Offshore Wind and the Green New Deal

Park characteristics that affect the number of visits before, during, and after the shelter in place order

The Effects on Raingardens on Water Quality

Transform a vehicular road into a waterway: Reclaiming a lost waterway through landscape design

Urban Agrivoltaics: Typological Explorations within the Urban Realm

Urban Flood Risk Assessment for Sponge Cities Based on the Urban Landscape Pattern: A Case Study in Fuzhou, China

Using Green Infrastructure Planning to Increase Coastal Community Resiliency